3.0.3 Clap Playback Bug

Starting to use 3.0.3 and running into an issue with audio playback while syncing dailies.
After syncing 10 or so clips an error occurs with the clap playback.

Typically I scrub through an auto synced clip using the F key and when I find the mark I use the D key to nudge my mark into the center of the window and then hear the clap audibly (same way as usual).
However in the new version I eventually stop hearing the clap after hitting D and rather only hear it if I move one frame backward or forward. Having said that when I playback with the V key the clip seems to be in sync.

If I close cortex and re-open when this occurs it solves the problem, but it comes back after a few more clips have been synced.

Does your system use a video card? If so, what type? If you are able to turn the video card off and use the computer to monitor the audio, does the sync process behave the same way? We’ve seen this issue with DVS cards. The sync, in fact, is good but the scrub is a frame off at times.

Is this with b9726? If so, you should give b9978 a try. We just posted it today and it does fix issue with using the D key to sync when you have SDI enabled.

We are having the exact issue using 9978. Seems to be a frame off using a dvs and NVidia titan X

OK. We will see if we can reproduce this here.

We can reproduce this issue here. We are in the process of fixing it. The fix likely won’t be ready until sometime next week.

Thank you for looking into it for us