Ability to transcode to 60 fps ProRes for offline editorial on 60 fps projects

Recently had a inquiry via email about support for 60 fps projects in Cortex.

I have a question about XAVC 4K60p.
Does the CarryOn have 4K60p project setting ?

We transcoded from XAVC 4K 60p to DNxHD and ProRes also,
then we imported the file to a MediaComposer.
But the timecode and audio were incorrect.

Cortex and Sony RAW viewer both count the timecode the same way, from :00-59.

But Avid doesn’t have any 60p project setting really, and their AMT SDK doesn’t allow us to encode DNxHD at 60fps.

So this becomes a question about what the proper workflow is.

Is there a particular workflow that people have in mind or have already implemented?

Some are using the PremierePro for both offline and online editing.
They are mainly using ProRes Proxy for offline editing.

They said that thay may use DNxHD 720p60.

We don’t currently support encoding to files stamped with frame rates > 30 fps, but we will investigate further…