Add company name and logo to PDF reports

Forgive me if this has been brought up already, and that it’s not in the technical realm at all, but I would really like the ability to brand the PDF log that Cortex generates. We currently do this manually before sending them to our clients, but it would be nice to set this in the Project setup.

I’ve heard the request verbally in passing a couple times.

Can you be more specific about what kinds of things you need to add / replace in the report?

I think the option of type or a logo would be best as a footer to the report. No offense, but what we do is cover the Cortex Logo - it just creates confusion for our clients as to where the report is coming from and one client even asked me if we were outsourcing the processing (which is what prompted us to add it with Acrobat). We just want to brand the work as our own. A similar example would be the LTOs we do for the archiving side of the job. BRU creates a PDF catalog of the archive and allows us to add our logo to it.

Another option, in addition to the logo, is maybe a “Facility” or more old school “Lab” could be added along with the “Reel”, “Scenes”, “Sound Rolls”, ect.

In the end for us, we just want them to know who did the work.

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Thanks for the thorough explanation. We’ll definitely consider this for a future release.

Note that we did recently add the Production number and Internal Job number to the reports if they are filled in. As a hack in the mean time, you could try to get away with using one of those fields.