Audio output seems early by a frame

I just installed 1.5.4 b5831 and have noticed when the audio peak is where you expect in comparison to the video frame, the audio output sounds a frame out. I went back to an older version (1.5.3) and it sounds correct on the same clip. Not sure if it is just the output or if is actually out of sync internally. I am checking on a SDI out not with a direct connect to the computer audio out.

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We did add a feature during the v 1.5.3 cycle to better sync audio & image playback via SDI (though I believe it was there in very early releases of 1.5.3, so that may not be the culprit) so if you had a room delay already set up, it may be adding on top of what we did.

Do you hear the off-timing (or does it change) if you enable/disable DELAY GUI TO MATCH SDI?

I think I’ve noticed something like this on my laptop (without SDI output) in builds on our development branch. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

I toggled it and no difference

Oh in that case, I think I did just get b5831 to do that, though only for one clip somewhat randomly. Do you see this with all clips or just some?

I tracked down where this broke. We should be able to get a fix out today.

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fixed in v1.5.4 b5864.

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