Audio won't relink but audio TC hasn't changed

We have a project and audio has been synched to picture. The audio files were moved to a different folder so I tried to relink the audio. Most of the audio was able to relink, but there were several clips (20 or so) that would not. According to the log, it says the “Timecodes are not in range” and proceeds to give me the new clip’s range and the old clip’s range. But the ranges for both the new and old clips are identical. Sounds like a TC math bug.

Here’s what the log looks like:

This is on Cortex 1.5.3 b5172. I’ll send the log with database snapshot to the support email.

Not able to reproduce this one either. Can you reproduce this with the ‘problem clips’ in a new job or project? If so, should be easier to track it down if you can send us one.

I saw this at another site today. They had changed the name of the folder with all of their audio. When we went to relink it, all the audio that had been synced to picture relinked fine. Most of the rest of the audio did not relink.

I tried it here, and with one set of sample files, everything worked as expected. With the sample files from another show, I saw the same result: audio files synced to picture relinked fine. Most of the rest did not.

Now that we have a reproducible case we should be able to fix tihs.

This is fixed in v1.5.3 b5300.

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