BlackMagic DNG Timecode

Can Cortex read timecode from this format? Every clip comes in with 01:00:00:00 but Priemere reads as 05 hour, 06 hour ect.

So upon further investigation - this was shot all MOS, so we removed the audio portion, but when bringing it back in we can see that all the Picture starts at 01:00:00:00 but the Audio has unique timecode, 05 hr 06 hr ect. My grading system also reads these files as having 05 hour timecode.

We do attempt to read timecode out of BlackMagic DNG files. Could you possibly send us a sample so we can take a look? Not sure why they would all come in as 01:00:00:00. Normally if Cortex can’t read timecode it uses the file creation time as the timecode.

Sorry for the lag in reply time. We have downloaded the files and can reproduce the issue here. We’ll update you again when we have a fix.

We have a fix for this now. We will be posting a new hotfix build shortly. Thanks for reporting the issue.

This issue has been fixed: