Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4K


We are testing 4K (4.6k) footage form the BM Ursa Mini (firmware 4.6) at 4:1 compression and Cortex is showing an error per frame, in the logs.

What is the level of Support for camera originated Cinema DNG? There are comments on BM’s support site that state that some software does not support the compressed version of the DNG codec.

Please advise.

We need to update the SDK that handles these files in Cortex in order to support compression. We have started on it. We don’t currently have a timeline for when the implementation be complete.

Hi Peter,

Is the “GENERAL: Update Adobe DNG SDK to 1.4 adding support for compression” meant to address the Ursa Mini 4k from BM? We tried and continue to get errors logged on each frame played back. We updated the most recent nVidia drivers as well (as we had to in order to launch Cortex).

Thank you!

We thought updating the SDK would fix it. I don’t know if we have any sample files from the Ursa Mini. Are you able to share a frame or two?

Hi Peter! Yes, we should have camera test footage, however, just to be safe, it will need to be confidential. What method would be best to send to you?

This will also help to find that, if it works for you, it might be some driver config on our end.

Thank you!

If you have something Aspera or FTP, you can send a link to If not, we can send you a link to our FTP site.