Broadcast Wav - ability to read / write files larger than 4 GB

BWav file only encodes the first 5 minutes of program when selecting 10 or more channels.

@ToddL in my initial tests, I wasn’t able to reproduce this, can you give us a little more information about what type of input files you’re using?

It probably wouldn’t hurt to email us the logs too, just in case there is some quiet warning or error that didn’t cause it to fail, but caused the problem.

I can reproduce something similar… I transcoded a 45 min clip to 16 channel broadcast wave. It looks like it does it all and succeeds. But when I bring the file back into Cortex, its only 13 min long.

This issue occurs when the length of the wav file exceeds 4 GB. There is a spec for < 4 GB wav files.

We could possibly implement this approach, but then the question becomes, will other applications be able to read the files properly?

We have added the ability to write out monophonic wav files in v1.5.4 b5536, which will keep the size down unless you have a really long program (~ 8 hours or something). Files that would be larger than 4GB will also automatically be written out as separate monophonic wave files…

Does anyone know of other applications that can read or write polyphonic wav files in sizes greater than 4 GB?

DVS Clipster will write BWAV’s over 4gb


I wonder if they followed that RF64/MBWF spec or did something different.

Can any other applications you have read those files?

Would love to get an example to make sure we are compatible if we add that in the future.

As far as I’ve tested, no other application we have will read/write BWAV’s this size.

I’m sending over a 10GB 12ch BWAV file now.

Well, hopefully the fallback to monophonic files we’re providing now will give you some compatibility with other applications. That said, knowing there’s something out there in our industry that deals with larger wave files certainly makes it more likely that we’d consider adding that in the future.

Is the broadcast wave deliverable something you have a use in mind for?

Looks like they have implemented it per the RF64 spec.