Canon .rmf slow to trandcode

We are getting these files for the first time, and are getting around 3fps for transcode to DNx36. The source files are 4096x2160 - I’m not sure what should be expected for transcoding speed.

Have the gamma or exposure been adjusted?

If so, we currently fall back to CPU debayering, which is slow.

If not, we do the debayering on the GPU ourselves, so it should be faster than that.

Not by me. I don’t actually see where this is even changeable - if you can point me to that I’ll look at it. Under the color tab, under Canon, MTI GPU Debayer is checked with no other options available. Even the option to uncheck it is greyed out.

They threw this to us at the last minute without warning us the camera package was changing. And never having processed Canon RAW yet, I just wasn’t sure what the transcode times should look like.

Should be faster than that… I’ll see what times I get here.

edit: Seeing similar results as you. We’ll take a closer look right away.

OK, this should be fixed in Cortex v1.5.4 b6012. Thanks for reporting it!

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