Clip not encoding for DNX36

I have been experiencing a problem with one of our projects. Sometimes we are missing an event from our DNX36, but still exists and encodes for all other deliverables (dax, dvd). To fix this issue I have been opening the reel again, the missing event will then appear and start encoding immediately. We are currently running v1.5.4-b7510 but will be upgrading to v1.5.4 b7952 in the morning. I will send a log from yesterday to the support email. Thank you.

There doesn’t seem to be any info in the log as to why the event was not originally created for the DNx 36 deliverable. Re-opening the reel is the correct way to fix these issues. We have heard issues like this in 1.5.4, which is why we made the re-open double check that everything is there. How frequently does this happen?

we are experiencing the same problem, the ale and the MXF do not contain the clip but when you look at the reel it is there we are using the latest version but the project is from 1.5.4

The problem now seems to be happening for more than one project. I’d say this happens around twice a week. We are now running v1.5.4 b7952. With the amount of shows now running, this may become problematic. Thanks for your help.

Melissa, we definitely need to get as much info as possible to try and get to the bottom of this. How are you adding clips to the reel? One at time or in batches? Are the clips added to the reel after they have been completely colored and synced or do you end up changing things and triggering a re-encode for some clips?

We record errors to the log if we encounter a mismatch between the number of events that were supposed to be created and the number of events that were actually created. In the last log you sent these messages were not present. When you encounter it again, it would be a good idea to export a log including the database snapshot before you re-open the reel. If you could also let us know what event is missing that would be helpful.

Peter, this is the way we run our sessions: I first import and sync all events for the day. We then color, adding each event one at a time to the open reel. Once we close a reel it is very rare that we change anything after that point. Everything encoded last night, so there isn’t a log to send you today. But i will keep an eye out and send you a log the next time something happens. Thanks again.