Color not applied to rendered clips (related to dissolves?)

We have had a couple reports of color not being applied properly to some clips when they are actually rendered out. From the logs we’ve been able to gather so far, this issue seems related to using dissolves.

@hans did find and fix a few things that could cause inconsistent behavior when dissolves are added and modified, which we fixed in build 4845, but @jason recently reported he is still seeing color not be applied to some clips on occasion.

In the latest logs, there are some messages like this:

"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline element counts","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.062","17448","1","182164461424","DCD1"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline elements","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.062","17448","1","182164461982","DCD1"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline elements","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.062","17448","1","182164462343","DCD1"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline elements","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.062","17448","1","182164462689","DCD1"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline elements","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.062","17448","1","182164463034","DCD1"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//OnAddDissolveCommandExecuted(0): Unmatched pipeline elements","","07-12-2014 09:41:41.063","17448","1","182164463380","DCD1"

If you are on build 4845 or later and continue to see this, please add any more info you have here and send your logs to support. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of the remaining issue soon.

EDIT: we now think this was not related to dissolves, but another bug which could cause the framing, color and other effects to get overwritten for the last selected clip after switching between the clip bin and other reel bins… that issue was fixed in v1.5.2 b4867.

EDIT: still seeing this after that update, though now it does seem limited to clips with dissolves on them.

A potential fix for this was installed in v1.5.2 b4867

@jason reports that he is still seeing this issue on some clips though now it does seem limited to clips that have dissolves on them. We will dig into the logs the next time he see’s this.

@jason we found another possible cause of this issue and fixed it in v1.5.2 b4980. Please let us know if that addresses the issue on your end.

Will check it out. Thanks

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Have you had a chance to check out the latest yet?

We did not have this issue in B4867 or B5004.

Assuming no news from @jason is good news…

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