Comment autofill - able to turn off?

Some of our operators have been using version 1.5.2. One complaint they have had is with the new comment “autofill” feature. While in the Sync tab, if you start typing in the comment field, it automatically types in the most recent similar comment.

For simple, repetitive comments this is very very useful (like if you keep having to type “boom mic” over and over). But for some this feature is annoying and distracting. Is there a way to disable this feature? Not remove it, just disable it as needed.

Example - just typing the letter “c” makes all previous notes appear. It also automatically types the top comment in the list into the comment field:

There’s no way to turn this off.
I don’t really see the case for disabling this feature…

I can somewhat see the argument for forcing the user to select the top comment in the list, rather than auto-filling it. But so they are aware, hitting the delete / backspace key will remove the part that is auto-filled.

I think its possible to change how many letters the user has to type before the autofill comes up.