Consolidating Clips Using Copy Jobs and EDLs

Continuing the discussion from Create a Copy Job using an EDL:

Once you have completed an [EDL Pull] (New in v 1.5: EDL Pulls - Traceback & Relink) you can can consolidate all the files to be pulled by copying them to a new location.

  1. Select the desired clips (or Select All). Note: media must be online/relinked
  2. Right-click and select Copy To
  3. CORTEX will automatically populate the Copy Job. Adjust the Target location as needed.
  4. Click Start Copy and CORTEX will track the progress (including optional MD5 checksums) as it would for any Copy Job
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While we designed this feature with the EDL import workflow in mind, it’s worth noting that it isn’t a requirement that you have created these clips by doing an EDL import / traceback.

You could also copy a set of clips to a destination of your choosing in this manner from a job where you had simply imported them.

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