Copying the RAW footages by the EDL/XML/AAF

In CORTEX Dailies 1.5.2 beta, could we copy the RAW footages what we need to colorgrading from an external storage to the SAN of the DI company by the EDL/XML/AAF?

Not yet, but we are looking into adding the ability to make a copy as a deliverable now.

We currently support importing EDLs but not AAF or XML.

Today, what you could do is this:

  1. import an EDL
  2. traceback through the db or a set of ALEs or FCP XMLs made during dailies
  3. relink to the original footage, and then
  4. output a new high quality deliverable to work from (OpenEXR, DPX or ProRes444 depending on your requirements).

Or instead of outputting a deliverable, if you need to copy the original footage, you could export a Cortex Manifest XML, which contains the full paths to the linked footage, but you would have to script the copying yourself using that file.

Since we are looking into this now, any more info you can provide about the specific workflow you have in mind would be appreciated.

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A “Copy” deliverable would be handy. Especially coupled with the Import EDL feature. Super simple way to get footage ready for a conform session. Or to prepare to archive just the required original files from a cut.

We have started to work on version 1 of this feature now.

The way that we’re going about it is to leverage the existing Copy Tool as follows:

  1. user to selects a group of clips in the clip bin, right-clicks and chooses ‘Copy To…’
  2. the Copy Job dialog opens, and all the underlying files for the selected clips are set as the ‘source’
  3. user can choose up to 3 destinations, and whether to calculate and/or verify MD5 checksums of the copy
  4. on create, a Copy Job is create and starts

A couple things to be aware of:

  • The source files for a single copy job must be on one drive.
  • The directory structure below the point that all files share will be maintained in the output

Allowing the user to flatten the files somewhat in the output, and removing the limitation on the number of source drives are out of scope for this first version of the feature. But feel free to add your thoughts here as to their relative importance.

We’ll have another beta of 1.5.2 available soon to test out this feature. Stay tuned…

EDIT: v1 of this feature is available in Cortex 1.5.2-beta-b4678