Cortex-2.0.3-b7828 bugs Possibly

I have a formatted LTO tape with a for example “Joe_PART2” but when I load up the tape as a destination the name is different it seems to be the previous LTO’s name “Joe_PART1”

Are you trying to load the new tape in the same job as the old tape? I would expect two different LTO tapes to have different serial numbers. If they somehow have the same serial number, Cortex would use the first LTO name rather than the new one because it has stored the old drive in its list of volumes for the current job. One thing to try is load the tape in a new job. I believe that should show the “Joe_PART2” name. What does Windows Explorer show for the volume name?

Yes, I was trying to to do all the LTO’s in the same list. They have different serial numbers, the second tape reads Joe_PART2 in windows

Trying in a job yielded the same results.

What happens if you try to create a brand new project? Does the name still show up as Joe_PART1?

We can reproduce this issue here. We should have a fix for it in the next release.