Cortex 3.03-b10238 failing to render clips

We have randomly experienced problems in which the cortex failed to render a DNX38 and H.264 clip of the same take. We are operating in a dual system environment. When we reopen the reel in question the cortex automatically renders the missing clip.
We have seen this bug in the past on older versions but it has seemed to reappear.

If you could send the logs to as well as let us know what clip had the problem, we can take a look. I think in the past it would take some more work than just opening the reel to get the clip to render.


I have attached the logs you requested
We had this problem tonight on reel 105R09. Clip is 24 tk.2 B006.

Looks like reopening the reel fixed the issue again. I’ll see if I can figure out why it doesn’t catch this when it considers the deliverable completed.

I’ve been seeing this problem intermittently as well. Just last night, as a matter of fact, I caught a missing h.264 from a closed reel. I reopened the reel then closed it again and the missing file rendered out.

I am going to see if I can catch this before the deliverable is marked completed.

We have been working on this. We should have a build available by the end of the week.

Was there ever a solution for this issue? I am seeing it right now.

27 clips on a reel, only 26 deliverables rendered. Cortex reports the reel as completed.

I am on version v3.0.3-b9978 (g17b015c).

Worst of all, when I re-opened the reel and closed it again, Cortex deleted all the previously-rendered files! Now, only the “missing” file is in the output directory, so the whole reel must be re-rendered.

This has been fixed in the most recent release: