Cortex 5.4 Trial Mtai

Recently, I received an email from Cortex regarding the new version. I am very interested in new features such as MTai Frame and AI, and I would like to test the new features of Cortex to determine if it will improve my current work efficiency. The Cortex I am currently using is 5.4 permanent authorization

So my question is, if I install the latest Cortex5.5 on my computer, do I need to register a new test key for testing? Can my version 5.4 run normally during testing?

Looking forward to hearing back as soon as possible

You can run v5.4 and v5.5 at the same time. If you are under support, we can send you a key for v5.5 with MTai.

I would like to test MTai Frame and AI too, can I get some help. Will it work with 1660 Super GPU?