Cortex ALE Column Issue

Finding that, on occasion, an ALE created in Cortex will have columns for audio channels overlapping into the next line of the ALE. When uploaded to DAX, the ALE cuts off all takes occuring after that overlap. Using 1.5.4-b5567 and sending one of the ALEs in question to support.

Thanks @aagarcia , we’ll have a look

Do you see any pattern to when this happens/ if the clips it happens with have anything in common?

We’re doing pass-through audio so it’s possible that they’re using more than 8 tracks

Also possible that it happens b/c the first track listing is long and could cause the rest of the tracks to tab over.

I wonder if the track name in the BWF metadata for the original sound file actually has a tab or newline character in it.

Could be, In the example ALEs it IS the same shot causing the problem in both cases…

The problem was that the description field in the BWF header had mis-matched line endings.

Most ended with “\r\n” but some were just “\r”.

Shouldn’t really matter, but the parser for that metadata was checking for both characters. Will have a fix soon.

Also found an issue while looking at this where track labels could be written into the wrong columns if they were called out in different orders among different files. Will fix that too.

Both issues are fixed in v1.5.4 b6021.

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