Cortex Copy Tool / import error/hangups with 0 byte files

Experiencing errors using the Copy tool when importing non
OCN files. Such as .txt files and .pdf’s. DIT’s always add random files
to shuttle drives when delivering footage.
stills, reports, ect…

Shouldn’t Cortex be capable of copying/verifying any and all files contained in the source folder?

Copy tool hangs up bringing in .txt files from SoundRoll specifically

What version are you currently running? It sounds like a bug that we may have already fixed here:

I can’t reproduce this on my own system, @jason you may need to send us over the logs

I’ll fwd the logs. This very well could have been an isolated incident. Was concerned the copy tool didn’t like certain type of files and was hanging up. I was able to successfully import the SR from client shuttle to the RAID with the copy tool after several back to back crashes and hangups.

Received some new footage tonight on client shuttle. CameraTest folder with OCN and Sound Folder,
When using the Copy Tool to ingest both Audio and Picture form a “Day0” folder at the same time it hangs up, forcing me to delete the Copy/Ingest.

Workaround was to bring in Sound first and then Picture on a separate copy/ingest. copied fine

No problems using the import tool. This seems isolated to the copy tool

Thanks. We’ll spend some time looking into this today and tomorrow.

According to @jason, the latest beta

@jason I can’t reproduce the newer issue on my system either, I think there must be something we don’t know to account for in our test scenarios so the logs are our best chance

We finally narrowed this down to an issue the copy tool had when attempting to copy empty files (files that are 0 bytes in size).

We have a fix for the in v1.5.3 b5423 and its also merged into v1.5.4 beta b5430.

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