Cortex crashes when recalling color with LUT from stills or mems

Possible bug in ver.1.5.2b- 4980

The Cortex stops working/crash anytime you press one of the mem buttons to recall color. Also double clicking a grabbed still to recall color causes the Cortex to stop working/crash as well. This issue happened in current on going projects. I did not try and make a new project to see if this still happens. I could not export a log because the Cortex would crash and close the program each time.

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I’m not able to reproduce this issue. If you can email the latest log named like Cortex_YYYYMMDD.csv from C:\temp\ to support we will take a look.

EDIT: OK, thanks for the logs. I can reproduce this issue now. It occurs only if you have a LUT included as part of the saved color for the still or the mem.

This issue was not present in the previous build so it looks like it was introduced in v1.5.2-b4980.

OK, we have a fix for this issue in v1.5.2 b5004

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Here is the latest log from Friday morning. We have since rolled back to b4867 which has been working well for us aside from the color not saving to a clip from time to time which is why we tried doing the update in the first place.

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