Cortex request: add handles to EDL import or traceback

So I finally got EDL pulls figured out. Great system. But I have a small request: usually when we get a VFX pull we need to add some handles to the final deliverable (ie 10 or 24 frame handles to a DPX pull).

Note: This is sometimes already done on the editorial side but often it is not and we need to add these handles to an EDL’s in/out points.

Is it possible to add an option when importing an EDL where it asks about handles? Something like an edit field at the bottom of the EDL listbox with “Add ‘x’ frame handles”.

Or maybe make it part of the Traceback window? Not sure, about the UI, but adding handles would be very helpful.

You can do this today.

We decoupled it from the EDL import, so you can just select a bunch of clips, right-click and then choose “Add Handles”.

This will open a dialog that lets you choose how many frames to add at the beginning and end of the selected clips.

Best to do this after traceback, so you don’t create timecodes that can’t be traced.

Good to know. I didn’t see the “Add handles” option in the video Amy posted back in May so I didn’t think this was an option yet.