CORTEX v5.2 Release Notes

VERSION 5.2.1 b16930

  • IMF fix: pass through ReferenceImageEditRate in CPL

VERSION 5.2.1 b16907

  • QA: Fix for Dead Pixel Detection
  • GENERAL: Fix to allow rendering of ProRes XQ 8K
  • GENERAL: Allow Dolby Vision™ in a generic IMF Deliverable Configuration

VERSION 5.2.1 b16770

  • GENERAL: Fix for Sony Venice XOCN

VERSION 5.2.1 b16650

This release requires CUDA 10. Please be sure your GPU driver is at 411.31 or newer.
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  • GENERAL: Add a new version of Cortex called Cortex QC that includes Edit and QA tools
  • GENERAL: Add support for CUDA 10 including Nvidia 2080TI cards
  • GENERAL: Add support for AJA Kona 5 and Blackmagic Decklink 8K


  • COLOR: Add support for ACES 1.1
  • COLOR: Improve look of waveform reticles and a millivolt scale
  • COPY: Add ability to append to a LTO tape and PDF report
  • EDIT: Add audio waveforms to audio tracks in the edit tool. They can be turned off via right click menu option
  • EDIT: Add support for IMSC 1.1 and image based subtitles
  • GENERAL: Update RED SDK to v7.1
  • GENERAL: Add support for Blackmagic RAW
  • GENERAL: Update Sony SDK to include Sony XOCN 4K 2.39 and Venice CineAlta-V at 6K-16x9 and 6K-2.39
  • GENERAL: Update Mainconcept SDK and HEVC codec SDK to include better HDR support
  • GENERAL: Add support for SXR file format
  • GENERAL: Improve handling of EXR metadata
  • GENERAL: Add support for ProRes RAW
  • RENDER: Improve ProRes MXF rendering support
  • RENDER: Add ability to do file per edit renders in a supplemental IMF
  • RENDER: Improve DCP signature compliance when creating an encrypted DCP
  • QA: Improve dead pixel detection and make it faster