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DRS™NOVA v4.1 Release Notes

Dewarp, Stabilize, and Deflicker Tools

Correctly handle “upside-down” images.
Correctly handle big-endian unpacked 12-bit files.

Improved “Min Size” processing by reducing the range and increasing the granularity.
Grain Suppression Threshold parameter
Alpha channel defect map fix-indicator
T and Shift-T hot keys changed to reflect mode

Fixed occasional issue with lower right corner of the frame.

Processing region is now disabled by default in Zonal mode.
Zonal mode processing now correct with enabled mask.
GPU rendering for increased speed.
GPU zonal mode for faster previewing.

GPU preview and rendering for increased speed.

Faster Auto-stabilzation mode pre-processing.
GPU preview and rendering for increased speed.

DRS™NOVA v4.0 Release Notes

General Enhancements
Cache now is alway enabled
Only a single instance of DRS Nova can be run simultanously
Frame cache can not be cleared in preferences
Added clip corruption detection and limited auto-repair of clip
Added outline to masks that shows the blending extent
Updated help for all tools
Added tooltips to all controls
Increased time tooltips are shown

General Bug Fixes
Fix issue where DPX alpha data might be corrupted when files are written
Fixed issue where that prevented byte swapped monochrome frames from being written
Updated error reporting when history cannot be written
Fixed frame corruption with 16 bit DPX files
Fixed failed startup if clip no longer exists

Paint Tool
Added ability to paint from Alternate Clip

Bug Fixes
Fixed paint bug disapping bobs in original values mode
Fixed disaperaring proxy
Fixed control shift not working in some modes
Fixed issue of auto-accept in ctrl-W mode
Fixed issue where switching to DRS in clone mode corrupted clip
Fixed issue with grain that may have produced line artifacts
Fixed issue with reverse range macro
Fixed banding in paint on odd frame widths

DRS Tool
Added color overrides
Speed up color bump fixes

Bug Fixes
	Fixed multiple DRS replace frame bugs
	Fixed issue where sometimes when doing a DRS fix the DRS setup would fail
	Fixed bug where color bump would not work if selected less than full frame
	Fixed issue with grain that may have produced line artifacts

Auto Filter Tool
Added minimum size to filter controls
Allows maximum filter size to go to zero
Faster rendering

Bug Fixes
	Fixed bug in images larger than 4K
	Fixed max dust size not used correctly

Three Layer Tool
Bug Fixes
Fixed hang in three layer tool

New Flicker tool replaces Color Breathing
Two differnt types of flicker
Color breathing becomes Global Flicker
Added Zonal Flicker mode
Faster preview and rendering in both Zonal and Global mode

Added an Auto stabilize mode
Redid the GUI for manual mode
Reduced blur when stabilizing in subpixel mode

Bug Fixes
	Fixed popup error messages when tracking was aborted
	Fixed updates of tracking graphs

Project Manager
Bug Fixes
Fixed multiclip creation dialog
Fixed timecode not being pulled from DPX headers properly
Fixed deleting version with versions, now all versions are properly deleted
Fixed out of memory error on cut detection
Fixed multiclip create crash when selected source is a media folder
Fixed issues with page/up page/down
Fixed issue with EDL importing adding extra cuts

Improved caching performance
Added wiper for split screen
Added side by side display for two clips
Shows EXR values in normalize float rather than hex

Bug Fixes:
	Fixed problems with DPX display when frame cache is enable
	Improved file reading performance for DPX, TIFF and EXR
	Fixed player could hang if stopped on a missing or corrupt frame
	Restricted EXR to only RGB and RGBA files
	Fixed reticles display issues

DRS™NOVA 2.3 Release Notes


Presets in Stabilize and Dewarp
Image zoom and position using Mouse (wheel) while holding down Z key
Use dirt map in alpha channel of 16-bit RGBA files to guide the Autofilter tool.
Make a clip from a sequence of DPX files where some of the files contain alpha
Choose Folder or File to create clip. Folder speeds up clip creation.
When modifying 16-bit RGBA files, preserve alpha channel instead of zeroing it out.
In Paint, pressing and holding the middle mouse button will now show the import frame when in Reveal or Clone modes (same functionality as pressing and holding the Ctrl and Shift keys).


Fixed an issue where the scratch tool was unable to fix EXR-format frames.
Fixed an issue where EXR frames were displayed with incorrect gamma applied. channels (RGBA) and some do not (RGB).
Fixed a bug related to tracking in Stabilize where occasionally during tracking an error dialog appears
Fixed Dewarp error dialog when trying to track when there are fewer than three tracking boxes.
Fixed Stabilize bug, if you pause tracking then change the marks, tracking would stop
Fixed issues with tracking dialogs in Paint.
Fixed TIFF issues with big-endian and RGBA files.
Added width to timecode field in Color Breathing tool so it isn’t cut off.

DRS™NOVA 2.0 Release Notes

In the Project Manager, allow editing of comments for multiple clips at once - the
same comment is set for each selected clip.

If desired the W and keys can be swapped. Their state can be set in
File/Preferences/General. When checked, the behavior is: W shows blue history
boxes and Shift+W shows original values. Unchecked swaps behavior.

Removed the “4K multithread” preference. Now defaults to multithread.

2.0 adds version of version feature. You can now create a version of a version by
right clicking on the version and selecting Create Version of Version. This allows
you to do non-destructive testing on a range of frames that you already have
approved without first having to commit them.

Replaced flicker tool with new Color Breathing and Flicker tool. CTRL CLICK on up
or down on spin boxes gangs all Color Breathing spin boxes together.

Sped up rendering in all full frame tools by 40 to 60%.

For DPX files, handled image descriptor = 0 properly.

Added support for monochrome DPX files.

In Paint always auto-accept in place. Only go back to the accepted frame if the
user presses G or presses the “Accept” button.

Don’t allow timeline to undock.

Don’t resize the picture when doing Shift+L while in presentation mode to toggle
the toolbar ribbon visibility.

Fixed issue with 12 bit DPX clips, render is now 60% faster.

Fixed shifted frame in a 16-bit monochrome clip with 3K header.

Fixed frame cut detection for monochrome files packed as

The untracked tracking boxes are drawn in yellow instead of red.

Fixed crash when loading tracking points in Dewarp and Stabilize.

Fixed issue in Dewarp where when you try to drag a point, some unselected points
move as well.

Fixed bug where painting original values painted garbage if the frame has no

Fixed bug where Paint would randomly switch from COLOR to REVEAL mode in midstroke.

Fixed issue where the timeline right click menu item “Run cut detection” did

Fixed issue in 3 Layer where doing a preview would leave the analysis/processing
region controls in the incorrect enabled state when analysis region is turned off.
Should fix issue where 3 layer was always using the processing region, even if the
box was unchecked.

Fixed issue with 3Layer Auto Per Shot setting in PDLs.

Fixed ALT+Numpad5 (focus on reticle selection combo box) - works like old Correct

Fixed timeline visibility not remembered when you close and reopen Nova. Restore
last height of main window top panel when Nova restarts.

Fixed timeline zooming.

Fixed cut marks not showing up when you show the cuts timeline.

b1569 1/11/16
Fixes to Color Breathing Tool renders

b1894 8/3/2016

b2150 3/7/2017
Fix handling of EXR source files (eliminate residual artifacts surrounding fixed regions)

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