DVD Renders are corrupt

Using 1.5.3 B5172 The DVD renders will say they are complete and when you check the size the file it is tiny, if you re re-render it will be correct.

I cannot reproduce this either.

This is another one that was somewhat described wrong to me but I have since experienced the issue myself. It seems it creates the image which when burned only contains a small portion of the takes. Not sure if there is a pattern to the missing takes but when re-rendered the resulting image is correct.

Which version did you last see this with?

1.5.3 b5260

Next time this happens could you send us the logs. Be sure to do this before you re-render and remember to check “Include open job’s render job command files”. See here for more details: How to save and send logs from CORTEX to support

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@idolfun I have a theory for this issue, I think it only happens if for some reason a DVD package is processed on two machines simultaneously. I think the mpeg file is being rendered on one machine and the other machine is trying to package the iso file. We will look into fixing this, but in the meantime if it happens again and a re-render doesn’t fix it try turning off all but one machine for rendering.

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That would make sense

This should be fixed in v1.5.4 b5495.

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