DVD won't render with chapters

I spoke to peter a few days ago about the issue I was having with one of my shows DVD’s. Every so often a DVD will not package and create the iso file that we need. The only work around is to package the reel without chapters. Peter mentioned in an email and on the forum that it might have something to do with the DVD running on two systems. I have tried to package these DVD’s using just one system, and still no luck. Has there been a fix discovered for this yet? We are currently running build 5.4-b5463.

We have a couple fixes coming for how DVDs handled restarts during processing, which would more likely be an issue when more than one machine is running.

That hasn’t been released yet.

This sounds like it could be a different issue though.

If you have a reel like that, please email support separately with the details like project name and reel name so we can take a closer look.

@joeral helped us with the info and @peter took a look:

First, I enabled the chapters on the DVD config. Then I hit re-encode all clips on the 107R04 DVD. It finished successfully without having to do anything else.

My guess is that it is still somehow related to something to do with two machines trying to run the DVD at the same time.

We will put out a maintenance release later today with a couple fixes to prevent DVDs running at the same time.

The aforementioned fixes are included in v1.5.4 b5495.

The chapters rendered out fine for all reels yesterday in V1.5.4 b5495. Today all but 1 reel will not render out with chapters in V1.5.4 b5509. We tried re-encoding reel
107R10 multiple times and it kept failing. We had to uncheck the chapters in the DVD config. and make a DVD without chapters for this reel. Did the fix carry over to the NEW build?

Yes, the fix is in the new build. It might be a different issue. Its not necessarily a problem with the chapters. I would make sure Cortex is only running on one machine and try again. If it still keeps failing, let us know and we can log in and take a look.

All of our attempts have been on one machine. So far nothing has worked for this reel. You can take control anytime now if you want.

Sure. Can you email us the teamviewer info?

quick update from @peter:

I logged in and took a look at the DVD that was failing to render. Turns out this one was actually failing with an internal error “The GOP structure in the cell starting at 00:00:10:00 in PGC “” could not be broken into VOBUs.” We don’t discover this error until the iso file is actually being written to disk and I only found it by looking in the Sonic log file. To remedy it, I moved the chapter point for the first event back 1 second and it packaged fine.

Will keep this topic open since

This is a different problem than the issue we fixed earlier this week.

This is a rarely occurring issue that is so far particular to one project - possibly caused somehow by the slate, but we don’t really know yet.