DVS Centaurus Crashes Cortex

I have a job where I needed to enable the DVS output - when I do Cortex crashes. Driver is up-to-date. Cortex version is 1.5.4_b5430.

I’m not 100% sure if the most recent DVS driver is the one we support in CORTEX - are you using the one specified here?

If so, please send us over the logs by email to support@

Up-to-date with regard to the one listed on MTI. So I opened up a test project with 1.5.3 and was able to enable the DVS output without crashing. Then I opened the same project with 1.5.4 and the output was still enabled and I could see the output. I then opened the project I’m working in, which is 29.97, and if I switch the timebase from 23.98 (which was the test project) to 29.97 (timebase of current project) Cortex crashes every time. This is under the Hardware tab. So I redid the process > 1.5.3 > test > 23.98 > 1.5.4 > test > 23.98 > current project. I’m not able to view at 29.97, but I’m really just checking color so I think I’m okay for this.
I haven’t tested setting the DVS to 29.97 with 1.5.3, but it feels like a 1.5.4 issue.

I’ve seen something like this before, where Cortex would crash when attempting to enable our change card settings with certain jobs open.

Not sure if it’s the same thing, but try this:

  1. Close Cortex
  2. Start it up again
  3. Create a new, empty job
  4. Open the job
  5. Go to the Hardware tab and enable the board with the desired settings