Error on Rendering EXR PIZ (dead pixel fixes)


We are using Cortex 5.2 in our workflow to detect and correct dead pixels. We will typically import an EXR PIZ sequence and merge it with its corresponding EDL. When the pixels that we need to correct have been Accepted, we would then render back out as an EXR PIZ format. Recently, we had a project that was riddled with dead pixels throughout their entire shoot (as in dead pixels on every take). When we exported the EXR sequence back out from Cortex, it would hang up every so often. I would have to do a pickup render from where it would crash to continue the rest of the timeline. The render would error-out a total of four times before I could complete the entire render. I have error logs, and the .csv files from the Temp directory.

I am running version: Cortex Enterprise Edition v5.2.1-b16930. I have two RTX 2080 Ti cards that I have flagged as Render (only one for Playback). I also have updated my GPU driver to what NVIDIA recommends for a 2080 Ti Studio Driver (441.28-desktop-win10-64bit-international-nsd-whql).

If there is any further questions or testing that you would recommend, please let me know. I am interested in resolving this as soon as I can.

David Altschuler

Hi David,

For issues like this, it is best to email Can you send us the logs you have there?