Export LUT files

CORTEX allows you to export color decisions as JPGs, .still files and within a CORTEX Manifest, however some applications, such as Live Grade, require a LUT formatted file. We’ve recently received requests from @runningman & @joeral for this feature and would be interested to hear from more people about the frequesncy of these needs and what tools need to read it downstream.

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If you are considering exporting a 3D LUT, may I suggest you also add the ability to export a CDL as well? (XML format)

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Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Would you have a use for such a feature?

We don’t export CDLs very often, but when we do, a feature like this comes in very very handy. (Otherwise we have to open the ALE, extract the CDL values, paste them into a generic XML file. Blech.)

I’m not so sure about LUTs because you can’t manipulate curves in Cortex so LUTs might be a bit overkill. But I can’t speak for everyone; different workflows require different file types.

But I would definitely say that if you add the ability to export one type, you should be able to export the other.

Not at all opposed to doing CDL export as XML, but aren’t many apps capable of just importing CDL values from an ALE directly?

Well what started this thought process was the mention of Live Grade. Live Grade can import both LUTs and CDLs (“Import Grade”). But it can’t import ALEs to parse for CDL values.

Same goes for devices like a Truelight OnSet. It’s been a while since I used one but if I remember correctly you can load 3D LUTs for input/output slots, but can also load CDL files. I don’t think it can parse ALEs though.

So for your question about apps supporting ALEs - I guess you could say most support ALEs, but not all.

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This will be forthcoming in v1.5.4. @hans added support for exporting Resolve .cube files, Autodesk .3dl files and XML CDL files via right-click on the still store menu. Stay tuned for a beta release.


v1.5.4 beta b5342 includes this feature and is available to test now.

/cc @joeral @runningman @24pdailies

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