Failure to read/convert small files

I’m having some issues with Cortex when reading some small files. These files came from a Sony a7S camera. Clips get importing in Cortex just fine. But when I click on a short clip, I get the “Updating stills” message for a while, then an error that says “GPU request source buffer issue”. Also the clip won’t play video (I can hear audio though).

When adding to a reel to convert, it will fail. Looking at the log, it appears the MainConcept decoder is failing after reading a few frames. Probably the GPU was expecting a lot of data (maybe a huge chunk) and it never gets as much as it wanted and then fails.

It appears this problem is only for small clips (anything 2 seconds or longer is fine). Although the clip will most likely be useless, it’s still important to convert so we know every clip was converted and is accounted for.

I’m sending log and dbase snapshot to

The files themselves are probably not readable. Can you open them in any other application and get a picture?

We should probably:

  1. handle the error better
  • show a better error message
  • not allow you to put these clips on a reel

Number (3) might be hard because we don’t know that its a bad clip until we actually try to decode it. (Though I guess we could learn that when getting the initial still and flag the clip as bad at that time…)

Could you send us a bad clip or two?

DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite can play the clips.

I’ll send you a few via FTP soon.

Edit: files sent

Thanks. Can confirm that Cortex is failing to open them while they’re playable in Windows Media Player. Will see what we can sort out.

I took a look at the files. We will have a fix for this in the next release.

should be fixed in v1.5.3 beta b5081

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