Feature Request - Detect Spanned MOV's when in the Red folder structure

Currently, the Red cameras can shoot ProRes proxies of various rasters and compression rates. The rub is, many folks can’t or are not using EX FAT for card formatting. This, in turn, causes long tales to form MOV files created in spans… _1 _2 etc.

Cortex is able to detect and merge the R3D spans, but not the MOV. Treating each span like a unique clip.

The request is, if in a RDM/RDC folder structure, any MOV files that live in the RDC level and have the sequential enumeration should be considered one clip in cortex (like the R3D).

Somebody wrote a utility for the Macintosh called FOOLCLIP. But it is Macintosh only, And only the newest version of Macintosh.

This may be an interesting feature to allow the DIT version to do, hook some more people with the only utility for PC that can do this :slight_smile:

Good idea, Josh. Let’s get the v4 release out and we’ll look into it.