Feature Request: import multiple folders


I have a feature request to throw your way. Currently there’s two ways to import footage into Cortex: the “Import Files(s)” menu or “Import Folder” menu. The “Import Folder” option only lets the user select a single folder and import it (with all subfolders). Would it be possible to allow multiple folders to be selected, instead of a single folder?

Here’s why: let’s say I have a folder (call it “Day01”). Inside the Day01 folder I have 12 folders full of video files (one folder for each camera roll). But I only want to import a few of the camera rolls. I can either A) select the “Day01” folder, wait for everything to import into Cortex, then delete the files I don’t won’t to work with, or B) select each camera folder individually, import it into Cortex (wait for it to import), then repeat the process for each camera roll I want to work with.

DaVinci Resolve has a feature that shows you the folder structure, let’s the user select several folders, then allows a right-click menu to import only the selected folders (with subfolders). This is a very handy feature for getting footage from different file/folder structures into an app.

Another alternative is to allow dragging/dropping from Windows Explorer directly into Cortex. For every folder that gets dropped onto the app, its contents gets imported into the current project bin.



Hi Malcom,

This is a great feature request and I’m passing it on to the developers. We’ll update you once it gets on the roadmap.

Is there a preference for a the multi-select folder import dialog vs. drag and drop from explorer?

Not a huge preference. If I was leaning one way or the other I would go with drag/drop from explorer. But everyone has their own quirks on how they would import media.

We have implemented this feature request in v1.5.2 (now in beta)

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