Framing Tool Issues

So things have changed, original my confusing email was about shooting in true 24 and delivering in 23.98. Now everything stays in true 24. So I assume if the project is setup as so all deliverables will follow.

Also more on this project. They are shooting Alexa anamorphic 2.x (2.39) material. This requires a aspect of 2.0 and a zoom of what seems to be 0.7430. I found if I adjust the numbers themselves to smaller numbers to try and achieve a more exact matte that matches previously transferred material from another location, It sometimes doesn’t change or 2 times in a row changes differently. I cannot seem to adjust it in a way that will match the line difference between a 2.40 matte and a 2.39 matte. I also found if I type in 0.7430 in the zoom it sometimes is a different sizing (it seems somewhat buggy).


We’ve added a fic for the 2.40/2.39 aspect ratio issue in b7277

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