FS7 MXF Files: Constantly hanging shortly after starting


I’m in the middle of processing AVID files for a documentary we’re starting and CORTEX keeps getting stuck on the SOny FS7 MXF files.

It’s smashed through all the A7S / GoPro / DJI Drone files without any problem, but something keeps happening halfway through the MXF’s which trips the system up.

The error files dont seem to make any sense, and if I force a restart on the software, it tends to pickup from where it left off… then get stuck again later.

Not sure if this is common or not, but i’ve got 30+hrs of footage to process and would like to be able to leave the system running over night working it’s way through :slight_smile:

“0”,“CohogRender”,“Information”,“CohogRender//Open(0): Z:\CORTEX AVID MEDIA\025\201_5895A01F6E5D320.mxf Operational Pattern: MXFOPAtom - MXF Specialized OP Atom”,"",“01-23-2020 09:31:39.457”,“13128”,“1”,“468673877026”,“EDIT-02-DELLP”

Thanks for any help. Running current version build 5.0.2-b15257


Hi Shane,

Any chance you can try the latest version that you can download here:

Thanks Peter, just installed and also realised that I hadn’t installed the new Java environment either… so have now done both and testing again :slight_smile:

Will let you know how it goes.


Still stopping, only after short period of processing 1 or 2 files.