Functionality for Importing Of LUTS

Would like luts to be imported in a similar manner to CDL’s. Much like it was in control dailies a list of selectable icons or names which can be browsed easily.

I think you should be able to see stills for each LUT that you import into a given job on the Imports tab of the still store.

The filename caption should show the filename of the LUT.

Does that help?

Correction: you should be able to see stills for each LUT that you import into a given job on the LUTs tab of the still store:

The filename caption shows the filename of the LUT.

To apply a LUT you really have to right-click and choose either “Apply as Input LUT” or “Apply as Output LUT”. Unfortunately, double-clicking one applies it as both an Input LUT and an Output LUT, which is almost certainly not what you want.

The other thing to note is that this display does not filter the LUT Stills by Job. It may be better if it did that?

Aside from that, you can always use the LUT control on the LUT tab, which does allow you to show only LUTs from the current Job:

That is what the colorists requested, thanks I hadn’t really dug into it myself. I think a filter would be good also something like Control Dailies. ( I think I see a theme here).

Is this one of those projects where you get 10+ LUTs a day from set? I can totally understand wanting that LUTs still store tab to filter them in that case (and can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t). Feel free to point the guys to this topic in case the explanation above is helpful (or if they have anything else to add).

Yup it sure is one of them there projects

I tried the LUTS Display today and once imported they didn’t seem to show up. I opened a previous day and they showed up. Then went back to the new day and only the old LUTS showed up. A request to be able to right click like a cdl and load in the luts as well as being able to change to a list view for parsing through long file names and long lists.

Yeah, for this type of work, right now the LUTs dropdown is probably more usable since has a wider display for the LUT filename, and it has the checkbox to “Show LUTs from current job only”

We’re about to make our first non-beta release of v1.5.2 (the latest build is pretty much the release candidate). But @hans is making some improvements here that will make it into v1.5.3.

v1.5.3 includes these improvements:

  • Fixed Import Lut event handler when multiple jobs were open, was importing the LUT into each loaded job making it impossible to correctly sort them by job.
  • When importing a LUT that already exists in a previous job, don’t create a new LUT file but do create a new LUT thumbnail in the current job to make more sense for the user.
  • Using the context menu or Shift-N to apply all settings from a LUT thumbnail was causing the LUT to be applied to both the Input and Output channel. Refactored the still store context menu to allow the user to set their preference to where the LUT will be applied.
  • Double-clicking a LUT thumbnail applies the LUT to either Input or Output, as preferred by the user. Shift-Double-Click does the opposite channel.
  • Added “Import LUTs…” context menu item to the still store. Imports LUTs and creates a thumbnail, but does not immediately apply the LUT as is done in the normal LUT user controls.

Does 1.5.3 require a new license (before I go installing it and causing all sorts of problems

Not a new license, but it will prompt you to reactivate which is easiest when the machine has internet access.

Ok good to know half our machines don ‘t have direct access. Thanks for the quick answer.