"Get RMD Values" button not working

OK, here’s the setup. I have an R3D file shot from RED Dragon. In the same folder as the R3D file, I have an RMD sidecar file. This RMD has some crazy pink color applied (just to know the RMD is working). Typically the RMD files are created by a DIT after footage has been shot to tweak the color settings slightly.

Alright, I import the R3D file into Cortex. Clip gets imported. It appears that Cortex recognizes that there is an RMD file and automatically applies the RMD values to the clip. Now the clip in Cortex has this crazy pink color. So far so good.

But then in the RED tab I click the “Get Default Value” and the color changes to normal default colors. I can click the “Get Clip Values” and Cortex reads the R3D metadata and applies the color that was shot. But when I click the “Get RMD Values” nothing happens. No changes. Nothing gets updated.

I would expect Cortex to look for an RMD file along side the R3D file and reload the RMD color data.

So to recap:

  • RMD files DO get read correctly when importing media
  • RMD files DO NOT get read when clicking the “Get RMD Values” button

Let me know if you want the R3D/RMD files to test with.

I can reproduce this… but I’m seeing something a little different than you are:

When I click ‘Get clip Values’ I am seeing things update, but I don’t think it matches what’s in the .RMD file.

We should be able to get to the bottom of this with material we have already.

The behavior you are seeing for the “Get Clip Values” button is correct. When you click the “Get Clip Values” button, Cortex is getting the metadata set in the R3D file (settings from the camera during production).

It’s just the “Get RMD Values” button that needs fixed.

OK, we’re seeing the same thing then… read that a little too quickly. We’re putting out another release today with some other fixes and will include this fix as well.

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Fixed in v1.5.4 b5536.

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