Head Slate on DVD and H.264

It seems if I enable a head slate on either off these deliverable’s the resultant encode does not include this item.

Further Information, It seems it renders out a separate Slate clip with the H.264 but with the “File Per reel” function it does not include it.

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Which version/build are you running?

That behavior is by design

1.5.1 B4578

Also the slate that rendered out for the DNX files had 16 Audio tracks even though it is set to silence (The overall audio is set to passthrough.)

Yeah I figured that, just was pointing out that files per clip probably works fine.

Also the ALE seems to reflect the slate being included in the File Per Reel.

I just tested with [1.5.2-b4803] (CORTEX v1.5.2 release notes) and the DVD head slate rendered as expected.

You may want to check that you’ve enabled a duration > 0

If the update & checking that setting don’t work, please Export your Project and send it to support@mtifilm.com

@idolfun I just found the ticket on this issue. If you upgrade to the latest, it should resolve it.