How to import multiple clips into single timeline

Is there a way to import multiple clips into a single timeline? Each clip I have is a single shot, which leaves me with 150+ clips in my bin. It would be much more efficient workflow if I could import all of these clips into a single timeline and charge through it all rather than having to work on each clip individually. Yes…I’m REALLY new to MTI. :smile:

Depends on how your folder structure is set up. How are the files arranged now? Is each shot in a separate folder?

But I’m not sure you’d get any more benefit from working that way. After all, even if you had a clip per reel, you’d still want to run processes with different settings on each scene.

We also have keyboard shortcuts to make it easy to navigate between clips. Press F1 to bring up the context help with a full list of shortcut keys.

Each facility is different, so we’ve seen everything from creating individual clips for just the small sections where defects appear to doing one clip per reel or a clip per project.

What are the shortcuts to switch between clips again? Pg Up and Pg Down?

I have a single clip PER SHOT.

All the footage is in a single folder. Reels are differentiated by file name and within that each shot has a different frame range.

For example:

DVD_821_ECO_1A_TCHR01_0087199.dpx --> DVD_821_ECO_1A_TCHR01_0087243.dpx (first shot of 1A)
gap in frame numbering sequence
DVD_821_ECO_1A_TCHR01_0087541.dpx --> DVD_821_ECO_1A_TCHR01_0087673.dpx (second shot of 1A)
DVD_821_ECO_2A_TCHR02_0179363.dpx --> DVD_821_ECO_2A_TCHR02_0179444.dpx (first shot of 2A)


I see. We have the ability to create a single clip with numbering gaps, but If they are in separate folders, they will be created as separate clips.

To speed up clip creation, you can use the Create Multiple option

Since you are new to NOVA, it would be interesting to understand your expectations and desired workflow. Or basically, why would it be easier for you to have one long clip?

It’s actually SHIFT+ Pg Up or Pg Dn

Plain old Pg Up or Pg Dn toggles between the last two loaded clips

And CTRL+ Pg Up or Pg Dn cycles through versions of a clip

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With the keyboard shortcut to switch between clips it’s probably not necessary to have it all on one timeline.

That said, creating a single clip per REEL would be handy (if only to cut down on the clutter that creating 150+ individual clips would cause). How can I create a clip from a sequence that’s missing frame numbers? When I checked off “Detect numbering changes during clip creation” It created a single clip for the first shot only.

We used to have a feature called “Super clip” in Correct that did exactly what you describe. I’ll discuss how much work that would be to add into NOVA

And checking that box should work to create a single clip with gaps, if all the files are in a single folder.

I think it’ll only work if the rest of the filename is the same too. Sounds like using the shortcuts for now is your best workaround.

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