How to set up TeamViewer for Remote Support

MTI Film uses TeamViewer to help support customers when a support agent or developer needs remote access to the workstation to diagnose or resolve an issue.

Customers can download and install TeamViewer from:


Shall we pick ‘commercial’ or ‘non-commercial’ use?
Also, what is the password to enter when prompted?

@JDV Commercial, MTI Film has a license for one connection at a time for business use

There is no need to enter a username and password on an end-user machine. You can opt to create a new account if you like, but the account is most useful here at MTI so we can save/recall multiple machines we connect to for support.

So I can enter the password I want?

Also, do I need to install any of those options?

Aaah, THAT password can be whatever you want, it will be used for MTI Support to remotely access the machine

Thank you.
Must I create a TeamViewer account? Or can I just click ‘Cancel’?

This is the password I thought you were asking about earlier:

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