IDT not being applied to all clips on Render

I just ran some UHD Sony XAVC clips in an ACES project and added the IDT to all the clips and rendered them out. The last clip however, did not have the IDT applied on Render and still looks log when I checked them in Media Composer. I did go back into Cortex and it does have the IDT applied to the clip.

I am running Cortex-4.0.1-b12244.

Hi Kenneth,
We’ll take a look into this right now and will get back to you. Do you have an email address you can share so we can have more direct contact?

-MTI Film

Weird for some reason after I relaunched MC, this clip looks normal now. It could be that clip was already ingested without my knowledge. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Actually, I take that back. It isn’t applying the IDT through out the entire clip. Especially at the beginning of the clips. Here is a sample of some clips that I just transcoded.

Disabling one of 2 graphics cards fixes this. I have 2 gtx 1080 cards.

OK thanks for the info. We’ll try to reproduce this with 2 GPUs.

We can reproduce this and fixed the issue. It will be included in the next update.

Thank you! I appreciate it.