IMF start point issues


Trying to create IMF package with Cortext Trial (5.02 build), but it fails on validation.
It’s related to duration and more precisely to start point. Looks like nothing except 00:00:00:00 start time is properly exported (getting duration error and no playback of final IMF).
Is this the case (my client needs start point at 10)?

Also- my 2min test produced 1min56sec IMF file. Audio cuts out in IMF package after 7 or so seconds. Is Cortext so buggy?

Hi Andrzej,

The trial version of Cortex does not allow you to export the entire audio track. It will fill in silence after a few seconds. Are you trying to start the composition at 10:00:00:00? What is the frame rate of your source material and IMF composition. This info will help us look into the issue you are having.


I though it may be the case with audio.
I’m trying to do 25p IMF (Broadcast Single Tile Profile, YUV 10bit). Need to start it at 10:00:00:00, but Cortex gets lost with XML metadata for IMF in such a case.
Other issue- starting at 0 sort of works, but 2min composition produces few seconds to short end result (although video MXF and audio MXFs have correct duration). Looks like some bug with XML duration metadata.
How could I organise full version trial, so we can send test file for a client?
We are in need for IMF mastering tool.

I will look into these issues today and we should be able to get you a full trial version. Will follow up via email.

Great , thank you Peter.

Would it possible for you to send the XML files in the IMF package you generated to


Ok- I will generate one. Don’t have old one.