Issue when toggling between saved Set LUT and active Alexa LUT

Having an issue when we apply/save a LUT from the Set to the clip (Input Lut) and then call up our Alexa LUT. What is happening is when we toggle between the two different LUTs the LUT we have saved will be shifted warmer, (once you revert back to the original saved LUT color returns to normal) The first clip will work fine but once we move onto the second clip is when we experience the problem. We are using a Tangent Wave panel with v1.5.4 b5509. We started noticing this once we moved over to v1.5.4. All was good in v1.5.3

@Maldy Is the set LUT one you load via the Input LUT tab or is it traveling from onset via Manifest? Which format are each of the LUTs?

It shouldn’t matter how the LUT is imported.

Let’s see if we can reproduce it with a couple different LUTs on our end.

If not, would be best to get a few of the actual LUTs in question from @Maldy

@amy was able to reproduce an issue that was probably what you were seeing…

Fixed in v1.5.4 b5536.

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