"Loading Waveform..." freezing cortex for a bit

I’ll send sample audio and video files that I’m having this issue with tomorrow. Seems like cortex freezes up when trying to load the waveforms.

More info to come…

Does it freeze forever or eventually start behaving? What build are you seeing this with and what type of file format is it?

Certainly will take a look at the files you can share for testing…

It’s strange, it eventually starts behaving. Not sure if it’s the audio files or the video files. The camera masters are F55 SR files. I’m having issues encoding those as well. render status at the bottom just sits at 0fps.

Which version / build number are you running?

Are you using the audio that is embedded in the SR file? Or are you syncing to broadcast wave files?

You could try right-click > remove audio to see if that allows the transcoding to proceed.

Happy to take a look at the latest Cortex and CohogRender csv logs in c:\temp if you want to email those over to support or send them via ftp with a test file.

Just a quick follow up, this was running 1.5.1-beta2-b4250 (there is an update available, we’ll be making frequent updates while in beta, so check the main 1.5 beta topic frequently if you want the latest)

The transcoding wasn’t getting past 0, until we did a couple things:

  1. Changed the DNxHD config from outputting 16 ch to 2 ch.
  2. One QuickTime Cineform file (from a CineDeck recorder) was still having issues, until the first few frames were trimmed off.

@peter - in the current version of AMT we’re using, what is the maximum number of audio channels you should be able to output in a DNxHD file? I think it might have changed in newer versions, but I can’t remember whether its 8 or 16…

16 channels is maximum you can output to DNxHD.

Ok, what I saw was that changing the mix from outputting 16ch to outputting 2ch fixed the problem, but maybe something else was going on.

I’ll have to see if I can reproduce tomorrow.

@Anders_Y I’m not able to reproduce this problem here. I tried a config with all 16 channels mapped and one like yours that had the same audio mix with 16 channels output and only channels 1 and 2 actually routed like this:

Maybe it had something to do with those source files. If you can reproduce it let us know if we can get a sample to test.

I think so. The sound files may have been strange, later that night I created a new project and re-rendered. I set the audio to 2 channels, 9,10. Seemed to work great. Also, found that I have incredible render times when nothing else was writing to the raid. I guess copying 5 devices to the raid ate up all that 900MB/s! Thanks for the help as always, I’ll get back to yo uif anything else pops up.

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