Losing connection with Tangent Wave panel

We are having an intermittent problem with the communication between the Tangent Wave panel and the Cortex. When moving from media clip to media clip we will lose control of the wave panel. Once we reconnect the panel (using the Hardware/Control Panel menu) we are fine for that clip only. When selecting the next clip we lose connection again. The only fix we have come up with is to shutdown the PC and do a reboot. Have you come across this before?

Cortex build v5.3.1 b18583
TangentHub install is 1.5.2

We don’t recall ever seeing anything intermittent like that with the Tangent panels; the fact that you are rebooting to fix it might point to an issue with Tangent Hub or USB.

Have you tried reinstalling Tangent Hub? Or, perhaps, a later version?