Manual Audio Sync "U"

I am working on the new Cortex 2.0, and when I want to do a manual audio sync in previous versions I used the U key to unlock the audio and pull up all the audio clips in the project. Now when I try, it just isolates the video clip and doesn’t pull up any audio. Is this a bug or is there a new command for this action?

I just tried it here and it works as expected. Here is a screenshot of what my clip bin looks like in U mode:

Odd, it went from isolating the clip to not functioning at all. I can no longer unlock the audio with the U key or by clicking on the icon. I could be working the system too hard, but this is a new problem I have never had in the past. I would send a screenshot but nothing happens so there would be nothing to send.

The only way I have been able to manually sync is by entering timecode into the sound sync counter.

That’s really weird. Could you send us some logs?

Do you have more than one job open at a time when trying to enter U mode? If that’s the case, we will have a fix available for that today.

This should be fixed now.

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