Mark In & Mark out Dissolve marks are carried over to next clip

I added a dissolve to a clip and when I added it to the reel and the Cortex advanced to the next clip the IN & OUT marks of the dissolve from the previous clip were carried over into the NEW clip but were not visible on the time line. When playing through the NEW clip the color tool will grey out for the duration of what the Cortex thinks is the IN & OUT from the previous dissolve even though I have not added a dissolve for the NEW clip. I have to park the clip in the grey out area and right click in the time line and “Remove dissolve” even though there is no dissolve. This my work around. We are using v1.5.3 build 5325. This happened in an earlier build as well but I don’t remember which one.

Are you able to reproduce this issue or does it just happen rarely?

I think @hans made a number of small bug fixes and other tweaks to dissolves as part of the changes listed here in v1.5.4:

The v1.5.4 beta has been in production for a while at a couple places, so we are getting closer to an actual release.

Let’s see if that addresses this?

This was the first time I’ve used a dissolve since reporting the same problem in a prior build.

OK, if you can try to reproduce it later and let us know how to make it happen, we will cerainly take a closer look.

Yes, this is by design. Provided the changes to the current clip haven’t been saved, you can revert multiple dissolves by moving to each dissolve and clicking Revert.

@John is using v1.5.3 b5325 so he doesn’t have those changes yet.

His bug report is that a dissolve is getting copied over to a new clip when its selected.

I mentioned the changes in v1.5.4 because I’m thinking its possible that this issue may already be fixed due to related changes.

But we don’t know yet how to reproduce the reported issue so its hard to know for sure.

I don’t understand. Why would I want those same marks on the next clip? The dissolve for the next take may not happen in the same place or at all. Dissolves are added on a take by take basis.

That was a misunderstanding… See my post above.

What you reported is definitely a bug. Just not sure how to reproduce it. If you can reproduce the issue, let us know how.

I have my color 1 set and then I add a dissolve and then I mark In. Now I play the clip to where I want the dissolve to end & mark out. Now I add color 2 and add to reel.

Once I’m on the next clip the marks from the previous clip with the dissolve are copied over to the new clip. When playing the new clip the color tool will go grey once it crosses the marks. The marks are not visible on the time line.

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OK, we’ve been able to reproduce this and something related on v1.5.3 where clips are sometimes rendered without color when they have dissolves in them.

I haven’t been able to reproduce those issues in v1.5.4 though.

We’re looking into whether this fix can easily be added back into v1.5.3.

Also, @peter did find a separate issue where clips were not always getting re-encoded when they should when clips had dissolves though (it would only re-encode it if the color at the head of the clip was changed). We will get a fix for that ready as well…

Turns out the fix was not easy to move from v1.5.4 to v1.5.3

The good news is, we stamped an official v1.5.4 release today, and we also added the fix for the other issue Peter found.

Please update to v1.5.4 b5463 if you are having this issue.

/cc @joeral

Ok, I called Peter this morning with this problem. The new build fixed the issue. We made a new job with in the same project and I re-colored the shots and they rendered out with the correct color. Thanks guys!

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