Move playback settings to a common location?

I’ll throw a thought out here, just for discussion: would it make more sense to move playback settings somewhere else? To a “settings” page? Or Project Information page?

Both the Sony RAW and Red tab make sense to change on a clip-by-clip basis. Different clips can have different exposures, kelvin, RED decode settings, etc.

But it’s not very likely the user will want to change playback settings on a clip-by-clip basis, is it? For me, once I set playback settings I expect to use them for the entire project. What’s the likelihood of a user needing to switch playback settings per clip? Unless they are trying to do an A/B comparison, maybe?

The playback settings are not saved on a clip by clip basis. So you’re right, the UI is a little confusing since those settings live alongside all the other settings that you do want to change on each clip.

Yeah, I do think those settings can be pretty useful when you are trying to do A/B comparisons, which does come up often enough that I think we should keep them somewhere easily accessible.

Moving this conversation so it can stay open after we fix the bug :wink:

I gave this some more thought. How about moving this setting to the Preview window/tab area? For example, you could log/sync in 1K (or even .5K) and the Preview tab would show that quality. But since the deliverables tabs (ie DNxHD 36) would show the quality of the final deliverable, the decode/debayer in that tab could be much higher (depending on the deliverable settings). Easy way to do an A/B comparison between Preview and the deliverable quality just by switching tabs.

I do see your point here:

But note that this is not the current behavior.

I think I’m still more inclined to expose the settings we have now in the UI nearer to the player itself.

As a first step this would simply better illustrate what is going on without changing much else about the underlying logic.