New in v 1.5: Generating a CORTEX Manifest file

The CORTEX Manifest file is a lightweight XML file that can be exported and shared between two or more CORTEX Dailies systems. It contains all the session information, such as file name, file size, checksum, CDL color, LUTs, sync points and edit points.

Once imported into the second system and relinked or traced back through the corresponding media, it identically replicates the state of the session from the first system.

CORTEX Manifest files can also make a “round-trip” and be sent back to the original machine, where all new and old metadata will be merged to reflect changes made in the second session. This is useful for verifying dailies color sessions with the DP without going through an online review system or waiting for the review deliverables to arrive.

Exporting a CORTEX Manifest

You can export a CORTEX Manifest at any time during a CORTEX Dailies session. A typical case would be at the end of an onset session of camera card offload & backup and initial color with the DP. But it can be exported at any time, after using any combination of CORTEX tools.

  1. Go to the Project Manager
  2. Right-click the current Job
  3. Select Export Manifest
  4. Select a file location, optionally rename the file and click Save

Sending the CORTEX Manifest to another machine

Because the Manifest is a small XML file, it can be transferred to the second system via email, thumb drive, FTP or other online file sharing service, or added to the shuttle drive with the media