Not able to get real time playback with .dng files from a Blackmagic camera

We are unable to obtain real time playback with these files which from what I can tell doesn’t see out of the ordinary. Do you guys have any experience with the .dng files from a Blackmagic camera? Our current plan of attack is to render out ProRes and time off of those but I wanted to check in and see if there is anything else we could try with Cortex.

/cc @idolfun

Transcoding to ProRes sounds like a good way to go if real time performance is required and you’re not getting it.

We haven’t seen a ton of .DNG files, so optimizing playback performance hasn’t been a priority. Is this project shooting this format on one of their main cameras? Or is it just for a few shots here and there?

Thanks Dave

As of right now it is not the main camera but I’m not 100% sure which way they are leaning moving forward. Doing tests with production right now.

For television, I’ve seen people usually go with ProRes recording on that camera (just like most Alexa television shows use ProRes instead of ARRI RAW). But perhaps times are changing

Let use know which way they seem to be leaning.

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