PIX dailies file naming

This may not be the correct location to ask for a feature request but here goes.
Would it be possible to add the option on the deliverable tab for h.264 files to have the individual files named as Scene_Take_Camera like Control dailies does it.
Most people rely on the naming to identify clips in the PIX system.
I know that there is a workaround that involves creating a seperate reel but was wondering if there was a simpler way.

@joeral This is the PERFECT place for feature requests, in fact

Right now, the workaround of using a separate reel is the only way to create your Scene_Take_Camera H.264 files for PIX. But we do have the request for simpler custom file naming in our queue (however, I don’t have an ETA on it)

And for anyone else stumbling upon this topic, here’s the workaround:

If you change your Reel settings for Tapename to Record Reel Name, your files will be named nicely like you want… however, then that’ll apply to all deliverables on the Reel, including the editorial.

So, as a workaround, you could make two Reels - a Source File Name one for just the editorial and a Record Reel one for the PIX.

Here’s an update on where we are headed with this feature. Please feel free to comment:


  • if Reel.Tapename == Source Filename
    • output filename = source filename
  • if Reel.Tapename == Reel Name
    • output filename = clip name*
  • if Reel.Tapename == Tape Name
    • output filename = clip name*

* for DPX files, the output foldername is the clipname, but the filename prefix is the reel name or tape name, respectively


  • Output filename is defined by deliverable (not by the reel name option)
  • Deliverable config:
    • file-per-clip
      • default name template
        • {sourcefilename}
      • other likely ones:
        • {clipname}
        • {scene}_{take}_{camid}
    • file-per-reel
      • default name template
        • {reelname}

This will require some adjustment for those who have become accustomed to having dailies reels automatically name output files as {scene}_{take}_{camera} when Reel Name is chosen as the tapename. They will have to create separate configs for to accomplish this if they still desire this naming in the future.

I’m unable to recreate Amy’s workaround above as all of my attempts produce the same results, the individual h.264 files are each named as the source file.
If i understand your future state correctly this sounds like a winner.

We should have something new to test out pretty soon, but in the mean time:

When you choose Tape Name or Reel Name, the output file is named to match the ‘clip name’. The default clip name is determined by your project settings and one of the options is filename. In that case, the output filename would still be filename as you mentioned.

Try changing the setting in the project and then re-entering scene/take/camera on a clip in order for it to update the clip name. (Or you can just right-click on the clip and edit the name).

The custom file naming templates are now implemented in the v1.5.2 beta.