PIX260 ProRes 422 TC showing hour 01 instead of 13, 02 instead of 14

(Anders Yarbrough) #1

Hi there,
I’m ingesting files from a Sound Devices PIX260, which is recording ProRes 422 @ 1080 23.98. Upon these files showing up the Start and End TC is showing hour 01 for hour 13, and hour 02 for hour 14, etc. When I take these files into fcp or quicktime (qt in both windows and mac) the TC shows the proper hour. What gives? Any ideas?



(David McClure) #2

We’ll probably have to get our hands on one of those files to take a closer look.

(Anders Yarbrough) #3

Hey Dave! Happy Holidays!

ok. Where can I upload it?

(David McClure) #4

We’ll send you your private FTP account info via email.

(Anders Yarbrough) #5

uploading now. eta 3 min. Also I’m using v.1.5.4-b6021

(David McClure) #6

OK, thanks!

We’ll take a look and let you know what we find.

(Anders Yarbrough) #7

Thanks David!

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(Anders Yarbrough) #8

I’m starting to think the time of day is being written into the wrong field by the pix260, but not sure why fcp and qt would find the proper tc.

(Amy Hawthorne) #9

@Anders_Y We’ve found and fixed the issue, you can [update to v 1.5.4-b6264] (CORTEX v1.5.4 release notes) and you should be good

(Anders Yarbrough) #10

Thanks Amy!!!

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(Anders Yarbrough) #11

Had to re-import all the footage that wasn’t reading correctly, after that…perfecto!

Good to close.

(Amy Hawthorne) #12

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